Command 86
2008 Chevy Tahoe
This vehicle is used by the Skippack Fire Company Chief to respond to all Fire Company calls and events.
Utility 86
2004 Ford F-350
This truck is used to carry extra supplies, and additional firefighters, when needed.
Engine 86
1999 Spartan/4 Guys Pumper
In May of 1999, we purchased our most recent piece of apparatus. The vehicle is a 4-Guys pumper. This vehicle is equipped with a 2,000 g.p.m. pump, carries 1,000 gallons of water and 1,500 feet of five inch hose. The pumper has a built-in foam system that can deliver two types of foam, depending on the situation. One type of foam is used for extinguishing oil or gasoline fires and also could be used at vehicle accidents in order to prevent a fire from occurring. The other type of foam is used for helping to extinguish interior fires.
Rescue 86
1995 Spartan/4 Guys Heavy Rescue
In 1995 we purchased our first new rescue truck from 4-Guys Manufacturing Company. This vehicle is equipped with compartments with roll-up doors to hold our rescue equipment and hazardous material supplies. The interior of the back of the truck is equipped to handle many different situations. It can be used as a mobile command center. It carries drinking water and dry clothing for the firefighters when needed. Because it is equipped with a long bench seat, and is both heated and air conditioned, it can be used as an area of rest and rehabilitation for the firefighters who must battle both heat and cold in addition to the rigorous duties of firefighting.
Tanker 86
1992 Spartan/4 Guys Tanker
In 1992, we purchased a 3,000-gallon tank truck from 4-Guys Manufacturing Company to replace our Allied tank truck. This vehicle is equipped with a 1,500 g.p.m. pump and carries 1,000 feet of five inch hose. This vehicle was our first totally enclosed cab and has three 10" dumps that allow the truck to empty it?s water in 1 minute.
Engine 86-1
1981 Hahn Pumper
Engine 86-1 has a 1500 gallon per minute pump and carries 750 gallons of water. It carries a full complement of fire fighting equipment including 1500 feet of 5 inch hose, fans, saws, portable lights, foam and ladders. Engine 86-1 was the first automatic transmission, diesel engine in the Skippack Fire Company.
Field 86
1964 Chevy Field
In 1964, the fire company took delivery of a field truck. The body work was done by Harwick Manufacturing Co. of West Point, PA. on a Chevrolet chassis. The field
truck is equipped with four wheel drive and with two nozzles mounted under the front bumper. This allows the truck to spray water on the field fire while moving, and it can extinguish a large amount of fire in a short period of time. This is our oldest vehicle still in active service
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